Accepted papers

1       Online auction listings between community and commerce   

Gerstenberg Annette, Hekkel Valerie, Hewett Freya

2       On downgrading and upgrading strategies used in the act of self-praise in French and US LinkedIN-summaries. A contrastive pragmatic analysis        

Tobback Els

3       Mapping the itineraries and interests of internet users with the RedditGender corpus          

Flesch Marie

4       A Contrastive Analysis of E-mail Requests in Chinese and French    

Lin Ting-Shiu, Hsieh Chia-Ling

5       The gastronomic meal of the French through the tweets of Michelin star-rated chefs: characterization of the cultural heritage, and extraction of techniques and professional gestures         

Longhi Julien, Després Zakarya, Marinica Claudia, Marcilhac Vincent, Diaz Marin Felipe

6       How FAIR are CMC Corpora?

Frey Jennifer-Carmen, König Alexander, Stemle Egon

7       A Discourse Analysis Approach to Disagreement in Online News Comments on Social Networking Sites           

Cougnon Louise-Amélie, Coppin Jeanne Gutierrez Figueroa Violeta

8       How haters write: an orthographic analysis of online hate speech

Pahor De Maiti Kristina, Fišer Darja, Ljubešić Nikola

9       The lexical inventory of Slovene socially unacceptable discourse on Facebook

Franza Jasmin, Fišer Darja

10    Computer-mediated versus non-computer-mediated corpora of informal French: Differences in politeness and intensification in the expression of contrast by au contraire   

Brysbaert Jorina, Lahousse Karen

11    Productivity of anglicism bases in hyphenated German compounds 

Coats Steven, Barbaresi Adrien 

12    Errors Outside the Lab: The Interaction of a Psycholinguistic and a Sociolinguistic Variable in the Production of Verb Spelling Errors in Informal Computer-Mediated Communication   

Surkyn Hanne, Vandekerckhove Reinhild, Sandra Dominiek

13    Preparing the ground for critical feedback in online discussions: A look at mitigation strategies

Cal-Varela Mario, Fernandez Polo Francisco Javier

14    The Paralinguistic Function of Emojis in Twitter Communication    

Tantawi Yasmin, Rosson Mary Beth

15    Compliments on Polish fitness-related discussion forums: a corpus-assisted study

Baczkowska Anna



1       Collecting and Analyzing a Corpus of WhatsApp Interactions Using the MoCoDa2 Web Interfaces, Beißwenger Michael, Fladrich Marcel, Imo Wolfgang, Ziegler Evelyn

2       cmc-core: A basic schema for encoding CMC corpora in TEI, Beißwenger Michael, Herzberg Laura, Luengen Harald, Wigham Ciara R

3       CMC Text-based messages environment types, Lombart Erika

4       The #Cicero platform, Longhi Julien, Borzic Boris, Després Zakarya, El Otmani Abdelouafi, Marinica Claudia

5       Linguistic accommodation in teenagers’ online writing : Pilot study, Hilte Lisa



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