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The 7th conference on CMC and Social Media Corpora will be held in Cergy-Pontoise (Paris Seine University), France, from 9-10 September 2019. It will be hosted by the Digital Humanities Institute (IDHN) of the University of Cergy-Pontoise, a federative structure created in May 2018 fostering projects that merge the computer sciences and the social sciences and humanities.

'CMC-corpora 2019' is the 7th edition of an annual conference series dedicated to the collection, annotation, processing and exploitation of corpora of computer-mediated communication (CMC) and social media for research in the humanities. The conference brings together language-centered research on CMC and social media in linguistics, philologies, communication sciences, media and social sciences with research questions from the fields of corpus and computational linguistics, language technology, text technology, and machine learning. Click here to visit the general conference series' website.

The topics of interest of the conference are listed hereafter, but this list is not exhaustive:

1) Corpus-based linguistic analysis of CMC:

o   Pragmatic analysis of CMC
o   Sociolinguistic analysis of CMC
o   Discourse analysis and CMC
o   Multimodal analysis of CMC
o   Analysis of multilinguality and language contact in CMC
o   Analysis of CMC in learning and teaching contexts

2) Development of CMC corpora:

o   Building CMC corpora: from data collection to publication
o   Open data for research on CMC: legal and ethical issues
o   Annotation of CMC corpora
o   Multimodal corpora

3) Natural language processing (NLP) of CMC:

o   Normalization
o   PoS Tagging
o   Lemmatization
o   Syntactic parsing
o   Named-entity recognition
o   Automatic identification linguistic patterns in CMC corpora

4) Applications of CMC corpora beyond linguistics - e.g. in the fields of:

o   Analysis of political discourse
o   Heritage and creation
o   Sensory discourse analysis (food, wine, coffee)
o   Media and communication
o   Hate speech analysis/detection
o   Games and online gaming
o   Blockchain analysis
o   etc.
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